Superferry Thinks They Can Cash in On Aloha Bankruptcy

With the demise of Aloha and ATA, Superferry execs think they see an opportunity to get enough passengers to start making a profit. But will their high fuel costs (higher per passenger mile than Aloha) make this impossible?

Harry Eager of the Maui News researched the issue of inter-island airline profitability and it has implications for HSF. Particularly because Superferry will be operating at a loss at their $39 rates unless as Brad Parson’s calculations show, they can somehow attract over 600 passengers and 200 cars per leg…a far cry from the sometimes 18 vehicles and a handful of passengers they were able to attract previously.

Superferry is gambling that they’ll pick up a considerable number of Aloha’s passengers when the ferry resumes April 7th

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